the art of quilting

original quilted textile art by k3n


A kaleidoscope quilted triptych. The centres of each panel are cut and pieced from one fabric print and enhanced with a trailing vine of flowers, unifying the three panels.  The centre of each flower is embellished with beads. The panels are designed to be hung on one pole as a single decorative piece, like a modern take on a medieval tapestry. This is machine- pieced and appliqued and freehand machine quilted with the beadwork being done by hand. The centre panel is backed with an uncut piece of the original fabric. Each panel measures 30” x 40”. The piece requires a wall space of at least 8’6” wide. These larger wall hangings are excellent displayed in foyers or conference rooms—unlike conventional ‘hard’ art, quilts improve the acoustics of a room and bring a sense of warmth to the space.


The quilt measures 90” x 40” and is for sale.

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