the art of quilting

original quilted textile art by k3n


I created this quilt from my own original hand-drawn design and worked intuitively (in other words, I made it up as I went along!) The creation of a mandala is a spiritual process – an aid to meditation and has its roots in ancient religions, especially Hinduism and Buddhism. The form is also seen in Christianity, the most obvious example being a Rose Window.

My ‘Mandala’ is created using satin-stitched fusible machine appliqué and extensive freehand machine quilting. It is the latter that was truly the ‘meditative’ part of the process for me – I must admit, the satin stitch got a bit mind-numbing and it was only the prospect of the quilting to look forward to that kept me going! This quilt was exhibited at the Festival of Quilts in 2012.


The quilt measures 42” x 42” and is for sale. 

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